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Hedge Trimming & Removals

We undertake hedge cutting, trimming and reductions for all shapes and sizes of shrubbery for a compact and shapely look. Whether for a residential or commercial property, we can help to improve aesthetic with a neat and tidy appearance, whilst improving the health of your hedges.

If you are looking to get a hedge removed, we can offer a comprehensive and efficient service including stump and waste removal, leaving you free to use the space as you'd like.

Crown Reduction & Lifting

If your tree has got too big for your liking, or is impacting on your safety by growing too close to power lines or a building, we make strategic cuts to the ends of your tree's branches - reducing the height of the tree whilst maintaining its natural shape.

We also offer a range of crown services including crown cleaning, thinning and lifting, which can improve the tree's structure, light levels underneath the tree and your general landscape aesthetic.

Felling & Dead Wood Removal

Using safe and industry-approved techniques, we provide a complete tree removal service. We'll carry out a survey on your site to ensure adherence to conversation and tree preservation regulations, before removing your tree with traditional felling or sectional dismantling methods. Most our customers require this service where trees are diseased, dead or dying, or causing damage or obstruction to nearby structures and property, but as tree lovers we'll always look for alternative solutions such as dead wood removal where possible!

Pollarding & Pruning

Our tree pollarding and pruning services improve the longevity of your trees and enable more controllable tree growth. Pollarding involves removing all upper branches of the tree in order to more effectively manage re-growth, which we find is common in built-up and urban environments to avoid interference with wires, streetlights and main roads. We can also prune using a variety of methods aside from pollarding depending on their species, making your trees smaller and more attractive.

Wood Cutting & Splitting

To help turn your wood into useable firewood or wood chips, we offer mobile wood cutting and splitting for any amount or type of timber - including when we have felled a tree for you. Our equipment allows us to split logs to meet your requirements, whatever size you need.

We can also move the logs we process to a location of your choice and assist with stacking, allowing for easy access for the winter months to keep you toasty. ​

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